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Influencer Marketing Agency

We will help you drive more sales, attain higher revenue, and have More Influence. Our unique social media influencer strategy extends well beyond the worn standard of influencer posts on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. 

By partnering with us you’ll get the benefits from 35 years of marketing strategy experience combined with cutting edge data analytics to ensure that you have the best strategy with the data to back it up.

Who We


Our founding story

In January of 2021, MoreInfluence, Inc, a subsidiary of 35-year-old sports and all around strategic marketing consultancy group RLA II, LLC, completed a restructuring of LA-based Boomopolis, an independent influencer marketing agency.

More Influence - Social Media Influencer Marketing Agency
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The MoreInfluence process is designed to provide a seamless approach that accomplishes your objectives through the world of influencer marketing.


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