Social Media Users Are Demanding Privacy – And Business Marketing Efforts May Need A New Direction

Before the age of social media, confidentiality breaches were limited to what was known as the rumor mill. Word of mouth could definitely spread information that you never intended to get out (and it could often happen quicker than you ever thought possible)! But now, with social media, smart phones, and online platforms a part of everyday life, privacy is a bigger concern than ever before. Since the advent of social media, and the subsequent explosion of new platforms, apps, and online marketing efforts, concerns of user privacy have been cropping up for many years, and rightly so. Many big-name companies are now making it a top priority to adjust privacy settings to protect user data and other confidential information so that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands – and without the consent of the user.

Even something as simple as “liking” a post on social media sends algorithms into overdrive, which then begin to formulate a plan based on your interests, hobbies, and personal preferences. Often clicking on a simple image, story, or even a cute picture of something innocent like a puppy gives the online space more information about yourself than you ever intended to share. And then the targeted ads begin.

It’s natural for individuals to be concerned with privacy, and now online platforms and technology giants are doing something about it.

Industry Leaders Are Meeting The Demand For Change

Highly visible tech companies are now leading the charge, and one of the most contentious introductions in recent months has been from everybody’s favorite tech darling, Apple. With the introduction of its latest iPhone update, iOS 14.5, users will now benefit from App Tracking Transparency. Although iPhone users always had the option to opt out of ad tracking to some degree, it has never before been this easy. Now, each company that wants to track user information will need to request permission through a popup window that is impossible for the user to ignore, giving the user complete control over their privacy settings.

Another online giant, Google, has plans to roll out a plan to protect user privacy but it has currently been delayed until 2023. Google has cited the delay as pertaining to their need to find an optimal solution to privacy problems while also minimizing impact to online advertisers.

Of course, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter argue that changes like these will sink opportunities that small companies have to create ad campaigns that reach a wide social media audience. And there may not be a straightforward answer that pleases all parties involved.

Two Sides To Every Issue

As a business, you can very likely see both sides of the issue. You yourself have probably experienced unwanted ad targeting, but you also understand that it is an essential part of doing business. And on the other hand, you understand the need and the responsibility you have to protect the privacy of your customers. However, this conundrum often puts traditional marketing efforts under the microscope, and facilitates a new direction.

But the good news is that if your brand is trying to create awareness and online visibility with impactful marketing, you don’t need data from controversial 3rd party methods to give you the results and conversions you need. This is where the impact from a successful influencer marketing partnership can infuse new life into your brand, all without lifting the personal data of your target customers.

Influencer Marketing Is The Perfect Compromise

Influencer marketing is poised to give businesses the ROI they need from their advertising and marketing dollars amid privacy changes that are only going to become more widespread and restrictive as the years go by. By incorporating a solid influencer marketing strategy into your business plan, not only are you reaching customers ethically, you are also able to drill down deep into your outcomes with performance-based analytics, engagement rate statistics, and advanced conversion reporting.

Influencer marketing offers audience engagement with no intermediary, just engaging and creative content that links directly back to your website, building brand visibility intuitively. No shady business practices, just organic conversions that are directly funneled from your chosen influencer right to your brand, website, or sales page. When you align with an influencer within your market niche, your marketing reach is automatically extended to an audience that already has a built-in interest in your products or services.

In a world where businesses may turn to unethical practices to gain a competitive edge, a quality influencer marketing strategy will give your company maximum ROI, along with a reputation as a socially responsible company that values customer privacy.


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